Blue-eyed slut Amber is back for more tattoos. The sexy alt-babe is slowly running out of space for inks, but this doesn't mean that she will stop her journey of making her body a gallery of different masterpieces. Amber plans to have a dotted-tattoo on her nose bridge. In her past interviews, Amber said that her nose is one part of her body she'll never put a tattoo on. However, the naughty slut changes her mind, and let our team handle her first and last nose tattoo. Amber jokes around with our team while the tattoo artist works on the tattoo design. The beautiful slut giggles and laughs as she talks about tattoos. The conversation is as random as it gets. After the nice conversation, Amber lies down on the tattoo chair fully naked. She wants her tattoos to be out in the open while getting a new one. Nose tattoos are more painful compared to the other parts of the body because there is no fat between the skin and the cartilage. Amber does her best not to move her face as she handles the pain. This blue-haired hottie is a tough bitch. She handles the pain like a champ and lets the artist continue with his work with no troubles. The tattoo procedure didn't last that long. The new nose tattoo is finished in no time. Amber looks at her new ink in the mirror. Her voice suddenly becomes high pitch as she expresses her happiness for her nose tattoo. She is extremely delighted with the simple, yet stunning design, of the tat. The dotted-tattoo looks amazing at the center of her face. It highlights her nose without gathering attention away from Amber's other face tattoos. Amber said that this will be the last tattoo on her face, but she might change her mind later again.