With tattoos covering almost every inch of her body, Amber Luke calls herself the "Infamous Lunatic"-- a phrase she got inked along the jawline of her face. This peculiar darling entered the alternative adult entertainment industry in 2019, grabbing people's attention with her beauty and sexual prowess. Amber's dream was to use her skin as a canvass for tattoo artwork and achieve it when she turns 24 years old. Other body modifications she had include getting lip fillers, various piercings, tongue split, and even went as far as getting her eyeballs filled with blue ink. The captivating Amber Luke walks into the tattoo studio with plans to get work done on her eyelids. The cameraman interviews her, asking about new inks she got made recently and asked how the eyeball procedure went. Amber gamely shows off a rose with a skull and spiderweb details on her right calf, a snack with geometric scales-- plus a skull with a small snake on it on her left calf, a heart in a jar with a rose on her right arm, and lastly geometric patterns between her breasts. She then presents a video of what went down when she got the whites of her eyes tattooed. The interview goes on casually and smoothly, Amber telling stories and the artist getting his stencil ready for the tattooing session. A common denominator between the three people in the room is that they all got their tongues split along the middle, comparing sizes and joking around. The blonde sex kitten also showed them a video where her ears got modified, making the tips pointy and turned her features otherworldly. Once the snowflake stencil gets pressed to her eyelids, Amber lays down to get the session started and admires the artwork on her lids when finished not long after.