About Us

Welcome to AltErotic.

AltErotic.com is the result of my unrelenting passion for both tattoos, piercings and fucking beautiful women. I began this journey way back in 2005 when I started MyTattooGirls.com. Having had a lifelong fascination with tattooed and pierced women, I decided that I would create a site that brought the excitement of tattoos, piercings, and sex together. With its one of a kind content, MyTattooGirls.com was and still is the only place to find extreme and sexual tattoos, often both at the same time. :)

It’s a very unique and exciting experience to be involved in the process of changing someone’s appearance forever. It is an extremely intimate and personal moment when someone gives you the power to also film those permanent changes. Uniting the pain and permanence of tattoos and piercings with the pleasure of sex makes the experience that much more intimate and intense.

Since you can only tattoo a certain part of your body one time, the process becomes a once in a lifetime experience. The tattoo remains, not only as body art but as a memento of the encounter. Piercings are also a very intimate process. A woman trusting you enough to enter her skin with a needle is both a huge responsibility and for me a huge turn on. Clit piercings are extremely special and rare. Someone allowing you to put a needle through the most sensitive and delicate part of their body is a mixture between the ultimate control and the ultimate trust. For me it is an extremely special bonding experience.

In 2017, I decided to expand MyTattooGirls into a complete network encompassing all body modifications such as piercings, tattoos, brandings or even role-play involving those themes. It’s my hope that AltErotic provides a home base for lovers of tattoos and piercings and fans of sexy and heavy modified people.

We have been shooting content new as fast as we can, both for your pleasure and mine. Some of the older content we shot for MyTattooGirls over the years was often shot spontaneously and in a private environment. Sometimes it might seem as if it was done unprofessionally but I assure you that everybody involved was tested, all equipment was properly sterilized and all required paperwork was signed and retained. Every tattoo, piercing and sexual encounter was consensual and agreed to by everybody involved.

Although shot a little less spontaneously, our newest content is as audacious and authentic as ever. Shooting in 4K HD with multiple cameras allows us to be even more creative , bringing this niche to a new level. I think it’s a fair trade to provide the best environment for the models and the highest quality content for you the viewer and tattoo lover.

I hope you enjoy the network. I built it for US, fans of sexy tattooed and pierced girls and the extraordinary moments when they are being altered.