Gorgeous babe Amber Luke is back for more tattoos. It seems like this naughty alt-babe will not stop until her body is full of ink. Amber will have her beautiful chin tattooed today. She is going to have a tribal dotted-design around her old flower tattoo. The stunning alternative goddess looks gorgeous as she lies on the tattoo table. The black color of the table and Amber's pale skin create a beautiful contrast that makes her tattoo look more amazing. The light blue ring on Amber's nose is very eye-catching, especially when we shoot it up close. Her pouty lips also look enticing as she tries her best not to move them. Amber needs to be perfectly still while the tattoo artist works on his magic on her skin. The buzzing sound of the machine fills the room as Amber and the artist keep their focus at the task on hand. He carefully follows the stencil of the design. Amber can feel the needles pricking her skin every time the tattoo artist press the equipment against her face. Tears are starting to form in Amber's eyes. The painstakingly long process is worth once the tattoo is finished. But for now, Amber needs to toughen up and carry on. Amber is no chicken when it comes to dealing with pain. She already has her eyeballs tattooed, so we can consider this slut as a veteran tattoo canvass. Her body looks like an artistic mural full of different works by various artists. The tattoo is slowly taking shape as time passes. Aside from the tribal design in the middle of her chin, Amber is also getting a barbed design under her chin. Amber is proud to show off her new tats. The only thing that could make her new tattoo more beautiful is a load of cum dripping down her pretty face.