Frequently Asked Questions

Billing Issues

Please contact our Customer Support for information about cancellations.

You may be in a country from which we do not accept credit card transactions. Please contact the card processor(s) directly using the links below - we do not process credit cards and cannot assist with this issue directly. You may not physically be in the country where the card was issued. Solution: use a card issued in the country where you are currently located.

You may have disputed a payment with an adult site in the past. Solution: don't dispute charges you make.

If you are using a Pre-Paid or Gift Credit Card, you must make sure that your information is registered with the card. In other words, there should be a website listed on the back of the card to associate with your billing information. When purchasing, if this billing information does not match up with the card itself, the charge will not go through.

You may want to check with the billing company that you are attempting to purchase through, as they may be able to give you more detailed information as to why a payment did not process. You can find links to our billing companies here.

Login Issues

You may be using the wrong username/password combination to log in. Make sure you use your username to login and not your email address. Your email address may be associated with an older expired account. Check the purchase confirmation email we sent you upon signing up if you don't recall your username. If you can’t find it, try checking your email account's spam folder. If you still can't log in, try clearing your cookies and closing all windows before log in again. In most cases, this will fix the issue.

Please try clearing your cookies and cache. Then attempt to log in again.

If you've purchased something from us before, and you've clicked 'Register' with a fake email address, you may have two or more accounts registered with our site. When you join, you don't need to click register each time, you can log in with your previous information and then click 'Join'. If this is the case, please email with the email addresses that you may have used, and they can consolidate these into one account.

Click 'Login here', as you've created an account with us before, and you should be able to use your previous login information to join. If you forget your login information, you can have your password sent to the email address on file by using the link on the login page. If you are still unable to log in, you can email Support.

Mobile Issues

Absolutely. This site was built for mobile viewing!

Yes, you can stream our videos on the iPad! We use a Quicktime plug-in that allows you to use the Streaming method to stream video, but as mentioned above, we are not able to support Flash streaming content on that platform at this time.

Site Performance Issues

HD video requires a better than average internet connection and computer, so if you have a slow connection or older computer, you may experience issues. If you can’t do anything about that, then try the following:

  • Select a lower video quality from the drop-down under the video player.
  • Turn off other programs you may be running like, virus protection, ad blocker, or energy saving settings.
  • Stop any files that you may be downloading in the background.
  • Try closing other browser tabs if you have many opened.
  • Try a different browser. We recommend the latest versions of the following browsers: Google Chrome, FireFox.
Other Questions

Not at the moment.