Get inside the creative mind of Ivan as he takes you behind the scene of Samantha Mack's intense scene with Sascha in Ink Motel Vol. 2. Take a peek at how this porn production master turns a boring room into a stunning set, bursting with colors and erotic ambiance. Ivan's attention even to the smallest details is apparent in all the scenes he makes for Alterotic. He is perfectly hands-on from the lighting setup to the props in the set. If you want to learn how Ivan creates stunning visuals for our films, then this video is the best thing you want to watch during your post-nut clarity. Ivan decided to make this short studio tour or the Ink Motel set due to popular public demand. He has been receiving a lot of DMs and e-mails requesting him to share his knowledge in porn making. At Alterotic, we always listen to what our fans want, so here you go. Before continuing with the "educational" studio tour, Ivan first shows off his old-school vibrator. The oddly looking apparatus is attached to the hand and makes it vibrate so fast that the camera can't even capture the motion. Although the vibrator looks interesting to use, Ivan warns that it can make your fingers numb and loosen bones. The secret to a beautiful porn set is proper lighting. Ivan extensively explains the light and equipment he used for Samantha's hardcore scene with Sascha. The creative master wants to create a warm ambiance by combining the effects of different colors from different lighting sources. This will make the scene more appealing to the eyes and create a visual contrast that will make the performers pop up more. Ivan also used roaming lights and LED lights that will focus on the performers. It's really amazing how Ivan perfectly turned the boring room into a weird motel set.