In this episode of Misha Montana's Alien Kitty Tattoo, you are going to see the stunningly beautiful babe in her natural environment. Follow Misha as she strolls around the studio for her pre-tattoo setting up. The tattoed bombshell can't hide her excitement as she does a little studio tour to ease up her nerves. While Misha is getting dolled up in the waiting room, Ivan takes charge of the camera. He goes to the set and explains the details. He shows off his creative ideas that won him the 2016 AVN Awards Best Web Directory. His trophy is on display, as well as Sascha's Hall of Famer trophy, in the set. While everyone is getting busy with the prep, Misha decides to play a little prank on Ivan. Witness Ivan's funny reaction as Misha tells her that she can't do her pussy tattoo scene. After all the fun and games, the time for Misha's tattoo session has finally come. Like a true performer, Misha first shows off her irresistible body in a beautiful dress before sitting down on the tattoo chair. Ivan checks first the angles of the camera. He wants to capture every moment of Misha's pussy tattoo. Misha can't hide the feeling of excitement and nervousness on her face as she takes off her red lingerie. She spreads her legs as wide as she can to let the tattoo artist have a better view of her cunt. Misha closes her eyes and clenches her teeth as the sting of the tattoo needle piercing through her skin starts to get her. The beautiful babe tries to joke around to take her mind off the intense sensation of the tattoo process. Thanks to the support of Samantha Mack and Ivan, Misha musters her courage to continue with the tattoo process. Surely, you don't want to miss this tattoo session, so watch out for the uncensored version in the coming episodes.