Ravishing tattoo model and porn actress Marie Bosette visits My Tattoo Girls for some tattoos. Her tattoo session for today will only include shading of the rose outline that was made a few days ago. The tattoo is located on her left breast. This tattoo is the newest addition to Marie's collection of colorful tattoos. Marie admits that today's shading is more painful than her other tattoos, possibly because the breasts are a lot more sensitive than other areas in the body. She noted that the pain she is feeling right now is probably an eight out of ten. The pressure from the weight of his hands pushing down on her breast also adds some discomfort to the whole experience. However, this pain is nothing compared to the feelings she had when she was having a tattoo on her pussy. She shared that her pussy tattoo is a whole another type of pain. Marie told the artist that her experience with her pussy tattoo is extremely intense. The hands of the tattoo artist continue working its magic. It didn't take him long to finish shading one of the flowers. The blue shade of the rose contrasts beautifully against her white pale skin. The shading is so beautifully done that it looks like a real flower from afar. Marie suddenly let out a scream as the artist draws on her nipples. The pain of the needles in very apparent on her face. Marie closes her eyes as the needles penetrate her nipples. After finishing the shading for the blue rose, the artist goes straight to shading the red rosebud Marie tries to lie perfectly still while the tattoo artists push, presses and firmly holds her left breast. Amazingly, the artist remained completely focus the whole time despite having wonderful perky tits right in front of him.