Marie Bossette is so pleased with the vibrant and colorful tattoo on her left breast that she decided to get another flower tattoo. This time the flower will be on her right rib cage. The tattoo artist outlines the flower design first. Getting a tattoo on the ribs can be extremely painful. The skin in the rib area is thin and is directly over the bones. Due to this, it is considered to be one of the most painful places to get a tattoo. The experience depends on the pain threshold of the person having the tattoo. Marie is commendable for wanting to have a tattoo on her ribs. Marie tries to endure the pain as the artist traces the outline. Her face is starting to distort due to the feeling. Her eyes are also starting to tear up. No matter how careful or how skillful the tattoo artist, the pain will never be removed. The men in the room continuously check if Marie is okay. The design is starting to take shape after the long painful process. However, the design is still a long way from being finished. Marie does her best to remain calm and collected despite the pain. The artist tries to console her pain. He tells her to concentrate on her breathing to shift her attention away from the pain. Slow and controlled breathing can also reduce pain because it will make the nerves less heightened. He also tries to converse with her but she is not in the mood right now to talk. She is spending all her energy trying to fight off the pain. Marie shrieks in pain as the artist starts shading the outline. She can't hold her tears any longer. The artist decides to end the session halfway through the design. They plan to continue the shading on another day to give Marie some rest.