If you are looking for an eccentric darling to fawn over, Sully Savage is the one who can and will fulfill your most wicked fantasies and wettest dreams. Entering the adult entertainment industry in 2017, she has dabbled in some of the most daring scenes ever filmed in the alternative porn business. Sully has quite a few inks on her body, notable ones being the cat located on her pubic area, the word "SAVAGE" on her upper chest, a large bird with its wings expanded on her abdomen, and a sizable half mandala on her right thigh. For this film, the brave gal decides to get a crescent moon tattooed onto her forehead using luminous ink. As her tattoo artist gets his tools and necessary equipment ready, Sully Savage sits down on the chair and discusses her plans for the day. After getting her clit tattooed, her forehead seemed like the perfect canvas, and this venturous hottie was excited for the tattooing to begin. Sully is sporting a simple look with a black bralette and a velvet skirt that glows under the blacklight, making it evident that she's not wearing anything underneath. The tattooing session starts, playful battering in between, and the femme fatale surprise everyone by getting her clit tattoo retouched after her forehead one. Showing off her neon orange vibrating stick earlier, Sully puts it to good use and ends the day on an orgasmic note. She lays down and turns on her vibe, slipping it into her already aching pussy as a moan falls from her lips. Not holding back, pushing the toy and out of her the way she imagines a cock would before getting on her knees and putting it into her mouth. Sully continues to press and rub the vibe against her slit until she finally reaches the peak of her pleasure.