Satine Phoenix


Phoenix was a computer programmer and a stripper in San Francisco before entering the adult film industry in 2006.The first part of her stage name comes from both the sparkling diamond from the film Moulin Rouge and the painting Satine Duralux from the book Bluebeard (by Kurt Vonnegut); and the second part is a reference to the empress’ symbol on the tallest mountain in China. Phoenix was also very open about her interest in S&M and bondage, and she came in fourth place for Best Comic Artist at the Bondage Awards in 2010.

In a 2006 report for the news website AlterNet the journalist Annalee Newitz referred to her as "the sort of person who has the education and resources to choose from many careers and has chosen this one because she likes it".

Satine Phoenix scenes

- Second part of Satine Phoenixes BDSM head Tattoo adventure