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  • height5ft 1in (155cm)
  • breastsAugmented
  • bodytypeSlim
  • haircolorBrunette
  • measurements32A-29-36
  • ethnicityCaucasian
  • tattoosFull colored chest piece on sternum; Sailboat on right ribcage; Butterfly on the left side of ribcage; Eagle on the left side of the hip bone; Colored Chines dragon head on neck; Full sleeve on both arms; Tribal on knuckles; Back of both hands; Forehead; Full sleeve on both legs; King Kong/Gorilla on back; Yinyang surrounded by roses and vines on the left shoulder blade; Reptile head on left foot; Chinese dragon on left ass cheek; Flower on right ass cheek
  • bioBaring a small frame, Tiger Lilly is a fiery slut covered in tattoos from head to toe. She is proud to show off her skin to anyone who finds the intricate and colorful designs alluring. High prominent cheekbones complement her wide captivating eyes, a true beauty. Tiger Lilly is a promising whore who shows off her wet pussy without being ashamed of it. Filming herself masturbating while in quarantine is one of the more recent videos she has uploaded, still providing quality content despite the pandemic and lockdowns. Even though she is petite, she has curves that'll leave onlookers dumbfounded. It won't be surprising if she garners a large following despite being a newbie in the industry of porn.