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Evilyn Ink

  • height5ft 9in (175cm)
  • breastsAugmented
  • bodytypeToned
  • haircolorBlonde
  • ethnicityCaucasian
  • tattoosButtterfly on the left cheek; Roses on the left side of the forehead extending down the the shoulder; Mona Lisa on the left upper arm; Floral design on the right side of the lower abdomen; Design on inner left forearm; Design on the left wrist; Design on the left thigh
  • piercingsLower lip; Tongue; Both nipples; Navel; Clitoris
  • bioEvilyn Ink is Alt Erotic’s Brand Ambassador and Tattooer. What sets her apart is her skills as an Artist and Sexual drive during her tattoo sessions! Yes, Evilyn tattoos in lingerie but it doesn’t stop there. Her insatiable hunger for sex turns every session into something you have to see to believe! With half her head tattooed, split tongue and perfect curves, she will make anyone squirm in their chair while the needle punctures their skin with the beauty of her art. Once Evilyn jumped back into the Adult industry, her videos went viral as her personality jumped off the computer screen and into the viewers lap then hand and finally all over the cum soaked trousers!

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